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Herm Edwards is passionate about football. He may leave something to be desired as a coach and analyst but he does a good job of selling his character. That character was on display during the third day NFL draft coverage on ESPN.

The Washington Redskins drafted QB Kirk Cousins in the 4th round of the draft. There are many things to be said on the merits of drafting another young QB after giving up so much for the opportunity to ultimately draft Robert Griffith III. The ESPN talking heads jumped at the opportunity to address the Cousins selection.

Time will tell exactly how bad or good the selection was but there was an immediate insight gained; Herm Edwards has trouble counting to 4. An ESPN graphic showed current Redskins QBs RG3, Rex Grossman, John Beck and Cousins but Edwards referenced 5 QBs multiple times. What I’m left wondering now is whether he referred to Brett Favre as number 5, while everyone else was calling him number 4.

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